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Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Brevard College is committed to an experiential liberal arts education that encourages personal growth and inspires artistic, intellectual, and social action.

Our Vision for Brevard College

Brevard College is distinct among liberal arts colleges because of our strong and historical commitment to experiential education in a highly personalized learning environment. Since our educators "purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflections in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values," Brevard College will seek innovation in classrooms connected to the world so that our academic programs achieve regional and national recognition.

Brevard College is located in a culturally vibrant community in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guided by the heritage and traditions of the United Methodist Church and the college motto, "Learn in Order to Serve," we encourage purposeful contribution to community and thoughtful stewardship of the environment.

Brevard College will preserve an intimate learning environment while significantly increasing enrollment and endowment. We will attract a perse, national, and international student body that will graduate at rates exceeding national averages. We will attract and retain appropriately credentialed faculty who will offer an outstanding experiential liberal arts education for our students.

Brevard College will provide a living and learning environment with active, creative programs and facilities that are safe, comfortable, and sustainable with up-to-date technology. The athletic programs will be competitive and complement the total campus experience.

Brevard College will educate and inspire students to make positive changes in the world."